School Captains

As the most significant student leaders in the school, School Captains are expected to be ambassadors who embody the Nakara BEST values and STRIVE learning dispositions. They must be approachable, reliable and trustworthy with high expectations of themselves and others. The School Captains are to take an active role in all aspects of the school community and work with others to achieve the best possible outcomes. They will be required to be involved in media for the school and at public events.

2023 Nakara School Captains and Vice Captains

House Captains

The role of a House Captain is to encourage all students to participate in house activities and house events. They are to set a good example. House Captains must always be approachable, reliable, and embody the school’s values. The House Captains are chosen from the pool of grade 5 and 6 students

2023 Nakara House Captains