Transition to Year 6 Timetable

8:12 amMusic Begins
8:15- 9:15Learning
9:15- 9:20Optional Sip, Crunch and Sit – Quick drink and brain food snack in class.
9:15- 10:15Learning
10:15- 10:45Recess play (30 mins)
10.45- 11:00Eating time- in the classroom (at a desk or in a circle)
11:00- 1:00Learning
1:00- 1:30Lunch play (30 min)
1:30- 1:45Eating time lunch (at a desk or in a circle)
1:45- 2:40Learning

Supervision Times

Playground Supervision begins at 8:00 am.

After 2:40 pm (final bell) students are asked to vacate the school as soon as possible. 

There is bus supervision from 2:40 pm until the bus departs, and pick up area supervision until 3:00 pm.
Students who have not been picked up by 3:00 pm are taken to the office.