At Nakara Primary School we believe students need to be at the centre of their learning and should have true ownership in their school. Students are given opportunities to have input into decisions, voice concerns and make suggestions to improve their school, as well as becoming more aware of the wider community.

Leadership is integral to life-long learning. All students should have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Student leadership roles include School Captains, Student Representative Council members, Learning Commissioners, House Captains, Tech Ninjas and Eco-warriors.

Students who aim to gain a student leadership role need to aspire to demonstrate at all times an understanding and model of our BEST values and STRIVE Learning Dispositions in every aspect of school life.

Student leadership at Nakara Primary School is an integral part of the development of student voice and equipping students with significant life skills and experiences that prepare them for life beyond their schooling years.

Why do we have a student leadership program?

At Nakara Primary School we believe that leadership is evident when the students:

  • Set high expectations for themselves and feel motivated and empowered to exercise agency
  • Have a growth mindset and believe they can learn, and build their knowledge and skills, through effort
  • Can represent their school and its students as confident members of a student leadership team
  • Generate meaningful discussions on behalf of those students whose voices are less likely to be heard, who are disengaged, or who lack the skills and confidence to express views and opinions
  • Actively participate in a student representative organisation and effectively contribute to school decision making
  • Want to learn about themselves, and contribute to the community and the world around them