At Nakara Primary School we have adopted Meaningful Maths as our whole school approach for the teaching of numeracy. This approach aims to develop mathematical skills and understandings that students can apply to many areas of life. 

What is Meaningful Maths?

Meaningful Maths is a way of teaching that focuses on mathematical understanding rather than only recalling facts and remembering formulas.  Students acquire a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, and develop strategies to be able to mentally solve mathematical problems.

The Meaningful Maths Number Framework (NZ Maths) comprises of two equally-important and interrelated elements:

Number Knowledge: Number identification, number order and sequences, place value, and basic number facts using the four operations (+ – x ÷).

Number Strategies: Development of mental and written strategies used to perform calculations within three learning domains – Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Proportions and Ratios.

“We must never underestimate the power of playing games with children. Through fun games of cards with a regular deck, we can all relax, enjoy our kids, and model positive communication. In cards games such as this, children have the opportunity to share and showcase their learning, while you can promote a healthy attitude towards maths and learning. In this game our ‘rule’ was 4 x the number on the card. But you can also do addition and subtraction, making 2 or 3 digit numbers. In my classroom, the games get very competitive and the children are eager to improve their skills. Good luck playing! I’ve seen kids beat their parents at some of these games!”  

Jo Green