While Nakara School was due to open in January 1975 Cyclone Tracey delayed the opening until 1978. The first principal was Mr Fred Friess. The buildings were shared by the Curriculum and Assessment Branch of the Department of Education from 1976 through to 1980, at which time the entire complex was taken over by the school. In 1992 the student population grew rapidly with the closure of Tiwi Primary School.

School logo

The stylised biplane at the centre of Nakara’s logo represents the plane flown by Bert Hinkler in his record-breaking flight from London to Darwin on February 22, 1928. Hinkler, who was born in Bundaberg, Queensland, was a pioneer aviator who achieved many noteworthy long-distance and record-breaking flights at a time when aviation was in its infancy. The plane represents the ideals of excellence, outstanding personal achievement and the setting of the highest possible goals and values; ideals towards which students of Nakara School are encouraged to strive.