Keeping our school community involved and informed of the latest news updates is a top priority for Nakara Primary. Parents and carers receive regular communications through a variety of channels.

Schoolstream App

Schoolstream App Our main school-wide communication channel. Notices are pushed out to all subscribed to Nakara Primary in the app. We can also email important news through Schoolstream as a mass email service. Our Schoolstream allows parents to access important news, events, calendars & timetables. It also contains forms that allow parents and carers to conveniently notify the school of absences and changes of contact details. Links below for the Schoolstream app.

iPhone / iPad iOS

  1. From your mobile device go to the App Store search for School Stream
  2. Tap the FREE/GET button to the right of the School Stream listing
  3. Tap the INSTALL button
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password & tap OK
  5. Wait for the install icon to change to OPEN
  6. Tap the OPEN button
  7. You will be prompted to accept push notifications, you will need to select OK
  8. Start typing your school into the search then SELECT your school

Android / Tablet

  1. From your mobile device go to the Play Store search for School Stream
  2. Tap the School Stream listing
  3. Tap the INSTALL button
  4. Tap the ACCEPT button
  5. Wait for the app to install then tap the OPEN button
  6. Start typing your school into the search then SELECT your school
  7. Tap the DONE button in the top left

Seesaw App

Our class specific communication channel. Your child’s teacher will post notices, videos, and pictures from their class. You are also able to message your child’s teacher.


Nakara has a weekly e-newsletter viewable on computer or mobile devices. Featuring news stories, photographs and videos, the newsletter shares and celebrates all the great things that happen at school which you may not otherwise hear about! The newsletter has a rotating roster of feature stories focussing on all year levels and classes. The newsletter comes out on Friday afternoons, with a link sent via email and School Stream.

Canteen Online Orders 

You can place lunch orders online with Quickcliq. See the link below for details.

Orders must be placed before 8:30 am


Posts weekly. Features photos and videos of class activities, school-wide events and news. Please like and/ or comment on our posts to ensure Nakara Primary posts appear regularly in your news feed.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-teacher interviews occur twice yearly.

Parents are emailed a link to book a 10-minute meeting with their children’s teachers.

Parents can arrange to meet with teachers at any mutually agreed times to discuss student well-being and learning needs.