For nearly 40 years, the Hospital School has been the link between mainstream school and students who are hospitalised for long periods, or those who require regular medical intervention. It also provides ongoing activities for children admitted for shorter hospital stays. A full-time teacher and teaching assistant are in the school from Monday to Friday. Students between the ages of 4 and 17 have access to some of the best resources, including music, ITC and small group instruction. The program is based on Early Childhood learning principles and is adapted for the student’s age and ability level. Lessons for high school students, Nemarluk and Henbury students, are provided in consultation with their homeroom or subject teachers.

Although the classroom is located within the Children’s’ Ward all students admitted to other wards in the Royal Darwin Hospital are able to attend. This may not mean that they physically attend the classroom, but that the teacher visits them in their ward. Parents are also encouraged to visit the classroom and have the option to stay with their children.

The Hospital School is located in ward 5B at Royal Darwin Hospital. Phone: (08) 8922 8736