The compulsory age for starting school in the Northern Territory is 6 years. Most parents choose for their child to commence their education around their 4th birthday by enrolling in preschool.

Early Childhood: Preschool to Year 2


Children who turn 4 before June 30 may start preschool in January of that year. Those who turn 4 after June 30 may start preschool on their birthday depending on vacancies. However, these students will continue in preschool for the following year. Enrolments into the preschool are taken at the school’s main front office; however, parents are invited to meet preschool teachers before enrolling their child.


Nakara has a single intake in January for children turning 5 by June 30 in that year. Transition is a full-day program. Movement through Early Childhood is in accordance with the above guidelines. Children will normally progress to the next year level at the beginning of the school year.

Upper Primary: Years 3 to 6

Students who are in Year 3 to Year 6 are considered Upper Primary. Each May, students in Years 3 and 5 participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). Parents are informed of their child’s individual results. Overall results for Nakara School compared to National and NT means are provided on the school and My School website

The focus of teaching and learning across the whole school is on the development of the individual student. Teachers apply a variety of strategies to ensure your child’s needs are met. Teachers may regroup students across classes for reading and maths, or develop particular programs for small groups of children within the class to cater for individual needs.