Cyber Ninjas

With computers and tablets now in every class (yrs 3-6), technical problem solving is often part of a school day. Taking this into account, our student-led Learning Commissioner findings from 2018 led Nakara to appoint student technical specialists in each class (yrs 3-6) whose role is to assist classmates (and sometimes teachers!) with technical issues.

Sound Crew

Nakara has a professional P.A system which is used for assemblies and performances. Our student Sound Crew are trained to use the PA system and are responsible for running events as required. This involves ensuring all equipment is working, such as speakers, microphones, and lighting. They also work with the SRC announcers to show them how to use a microphone and coach them in speaking publically. These often unrecognised backstage heroes have learned to be calm and collected during high-pressure situations, and help our events run smoothly.

With limits on gatherings, 2020 was a quiet year for our PA system. When restrictions eased in term 4, our Sound Crew were once again back on the job, helping classes during assembly, and the SRC during just Dance on Fridays.